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Looking for a great therapy product? KoreFit™ now offers a line of foam rollers that can be used heated or cooled for pain relief, muscles aches, swelling, and stretching.

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KoreFit™ — A Complete Total Body Workout in a Single Piece of Equipment

KoreFit™ is the ultimate gym accessory. This lightweight, portable piece of equipment provides a complete body workout. Its two inflatable balance pads offer instability for your exercise routine — and an unstable surface increases total muscle use while working out.

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KoreFit™ Advantage:

  • Provides a full body workout
  • Lightweight & portable
  • NO impact on joints
  • Aerobic & strength training
  • Single piece of equipment
  • Adjustable strength levels
  • Bonus! Fitness DVD
  • Designed for all ages & fitness levels

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Check out our online store for some of our results driven products. Below are some recommended products to help you get started!

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ThermXRoller™ was just included in Chicago Athlete Magazine's Nov/Dec 2014 Buyers Guide.

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